Welcome To Hare Diagnostic & Scan Centre

We are a full fledged, sophisticated diagnostic centre with the very latest in diagnostic equipment. We undertake all manner of laboratory investigations and ensure a high degree of accuracy in our results.

Hare Diagnostic Centre, a service fully dedicated to providing diagnostics for both genders across all age groups. The diagnostic services provide healthcare practitioners with information about the presence, severity, and cause of diseases in patients.

Our pride is our HARE SCANS. We are having MINDRAY SCAN MACHINE (3D) with Doppler and with 4D option. Ours is a Tamilnadu Government recognized scan centre backed by our Radiologist MRS. RAMYA GLORY, MBBS, DMRD.

Each and every attachment has its trained technicians. Our motive is to give accurate results, which will help the patient and the doctors treating them to a greater extent.


Haematology :: Clinical Biochemistry :: Serology & Immunology :: Microbiology :: Clinical Pathology :: Histopathology

Preventive HealthCare

It refers to measures taken to identify and prevent diseases. Each year, millions of Indians choose to skip routine examinations that could help prevent diseases that end hundreds of thousands of lives.


X- Ray :: Ultrasound :: Colour Doppler :: Pelvis :: KUB :: Thyroid :: Obstetrics :: Neuro Sonogram :: Testis :: USG Joints :: Color Doppler


Home health services is an optimum solution for senior citizens, people with disabilities, young children, and people who are too busy to take time away from their work for a health check.

Our Services

  • Computerised Lab

  • Digital X-Ray (300) MA

  • ECG

  • EEG

  • PFT

  • Scan (WITH 4D OPTION)

  • TMT

  • ECHO

  • Fertility Centre (IUI)

  • Endoscopy & Sigmoidoscopy

  • Physiotherapy